Top Illustrator Tim Raglin brings style and sophistication to fun mystery series.


Tim Raglin started drawing as a kid. Now, his work delights the child in everyone…no matter what age.

Tim is the illustrator behind more than two dozen children’s books that have won multiple awards. He has created bestselling greeting cards and provided illustrations to clients such as The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Sports Illustrated, Smithsonian, Rolling Stone, Time, Newsweek, Sesame Street, Walt Disney Productions, Boston Children’s Theater, and more. Tim’s work has also included turning his illustrations into children’s videos one narrated by Robin Williams and another by Jack Nicholson—both won Grammys.

Although Tim’s designs usually feature animals, his longstanding love for history and old films give his work a distinct feel of humanity—at its most stylish.

He imagines that if animals could choose their surroundings, they’d enjoy the sophistication of the 1930’s era. They would certainly have tailored clothing and impeccable manners, which, he explains, is why his dogs are drawn with their tails tucked politely in their perfectly tailored pants.

In Tim’s world, animals are the character actors that can physically convey the emotions and expressions visually needed for Tim’s funny tales.

He approaches his artwork with the skill and intensity of a Hollywood casting director. So, a brave Scottie and an inquisitive West Highland Terrier are natural heroes in his dog detective series. A blustery but soft-hearted bulldog has the starring role in his Uncle Mugsy franchise, written by bestselling author Eric Metaxas.

Tim’s artwork has received multiple honors that include the Silver Medal from the New York Society of Illustrators, appearances in “The Original Art Show: The Best in Children’s Books,” the Reader’s Choice Award, Parent’s Choice Awards and “Notable Kansas Book” by the State Library.
Tim’s latest book is Footsteps in Katmandudu. It’s the second book in his Scott and West series.


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