The Verdict is In:
Her Books Are Binge-Worthy

Yes, binge-worthy.

USA Today and Amazon best-selling author Rebecca Forster is the creator of 14 thrilling suspense novels that hungry readers can’t stop devouring.

Her long-running Witness series is a prime example. The heroine is Josie Bates, a smart lawyer with a troubled past. Josie’s life is filled with courtroom conflicts that keep you on pins and needles, a non-traditional family who you’ll love, and twisting plotlines that are so psychologically intense that you can’t fall asleep until you finally run out of pages.

The Witness series offers a seven-book marathon for fans who love suspense and can’t get enough of the behind-the-scenes look at the law.

“I’ve been a serious legal voyeur for decades.” Rebecca explains. “As a writer, I know that the quest for justice often happens against a backdrop of family secrets, blood feuds, and shocking grittiness. All of my books shed meaningful light on where and how ethics, morality, desire, greed and desperation come into the justice equation.”

Rebecca’s interest in justice and the human condition began decades ago when she married the guy she loves. Her husband is a Los Angeles Superior Court judge with an extensive legal career that has included headline-grabbing cases ranging from murder to organized crime to terrorism.

Curiosity about his work led Rebecca to developing a deep passion of her very own for the field. A stickler for realistic details, she has spent hundreds of hours observing trials, researching legal points, traveling halfway around the globe to explore ancient laws, and socializing with the movers and shakers who work in the California law enforcement community and court system.

Behind the compelling storylines, her books cast an educated yet objective eye on what she observes.

Rebecca says, “The search for justice carries an unrelenting pressure. Good people are painfully aware that two sides exist to every story. At every encounter, someone wins, someone loses and lives can be changed forever. The responsibility is colossal.”

That harsh reality helped inspire the Finn O’Brien thrillers.

Rebecca says, “The new series starts with the murders of two children and their nanny. The truth behind the crimes is shocking but it’s the story of the shunned cop that grabs my heart. Finn is a man who is trapped by his past in his own justice-seeking maze. The second book hits the shelves in 2017.”

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