Hollywood media coach and personal branding expert!

Behind the Real Magic of Being a Star

Imagine discovering a contemporary Dale Carnegie—a modern maestro who understands the art of how we talk about ourselves, our ideas, our abilities, and our potential. Combine that guy with a dash of marketing genius Seth Godin.

That’s Jess Ponce III.

Young spirited, but seasoned. Hyper-bright, but down-to-earth. Jess is a compassionate communicator who guides you through the maze of personal branding.

His work as a Hollywood media coach is all about helping you harness powerful messages quickly and authentically. You learn to master your words and own your true identity. Jess is the expert on red-carpet readiness. He strengthens your presentation, leadership, and media skills to near perfection.

Why not complete perfection? You’re human; and Jess reminds you that human imperfection is an important part of the equation for success—embrace it.

Disney, HTV, The MSL Group, Universal, and The Ritz Carlton are some of the many who have called on Jess to coach their spokespeople and talent.

Jess has worked with over 2500 celebrities and more than 1500 TV hosts, experts, authors and spokespeople. He has coached executives of Fortune 500 companies, creative executives, and TEDx Speakers. He succinctly explains his complicated role. “I help you find your innate star quality so you can shine.”

Wonder how he does that? He shares his secrets in the self-help book Everyday Celebrity. First released to meet the demands of fans across Asia, his book and his trademarked coaching techniques are well-known outside of the USA, especially in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China.

The America edition of Everyday Celebrity launched in Fall 2017. It will be followed by the Mandarin edition of his second book in Fall 2018.


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