COMIC OBSESSION: Portraits of 100+ Top Artists At Work

Greg Preston was just 14 years old when he picked up his first comic book and realized he liked it more than grilled cheese. He also realized at this point that he might be a bit of a hoarder, as the comic book shop he patronized hammered into his brain the importance of bagging and carding each comic, not bending the spines while reading, and really, buying one copy to save, and one to read.

Greg’s passion for this square-peg corner of the universe never stopped, even leading him to think that he would become an illustrator of comics. Greg picked up a camera while in college while taking pictures for visual reference in his drawing class and the world tilted for him; the next couple of years he spent riding the fence between photography & illustration.

In his late teens the decision was made, and Greg entered Art Center College of Design in California and threw his hat into the picture taking ring wholeheartedly. Half way through school, Greg decides to use an cartoon illustrator to fulfill doing a portrait assignment of an artist. He chose southern California artist, Scott Shaw, well known in this field.

One portrait lead to another, many portraits led to a project, and that project became the book, The Artist Within, published in 2007 by Dark Horse Comics.

Jump forward 30 years, and over 250 artists are in the bag. Greg has never given up his love for illustration, and realizes he has lived the best of both worlds.

This obsessed kid is an armchair historian, collector of all things Comics, and well known for his top-notch images that grace the venues of shows like the Academy Awards & Eisner Awards.

On the close horizon is the second volume, The Artist Within Book II, set to be coming off the presses by October of 2017.
We can’t wait.



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Award-winning photographer Greg Preston is the creator of The Artist Within, Photographic Portraits of Artists, Books 1 and 2.  Greg has photographed hundreds of artists for this important labor of love. If you are a fan of comics, comic art, animation, and illustration you are going to love Greg’s books.  If you ever wondered how creative people work, this is the environmental photography book you need to see.

Keith Knight is the cartoonist behind (TH)ink, the K Chronicles, and the Knight Life, as well as a regular contributor to Mad Magazine.  (Photograph by Greg Preston)


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