Jim Cosgrove took the stage with Crosby Kemper III.

Award-winning Entertainer Shares the Secrets 10,000+ Children Have Taught Him About Life


Nationally recognized children’s entertainer, Jim Cosgrove knows the value of not taking yourself too seriously. He’s learned it’s difficult to take himself too seriously when much of his award-winning career has been built around a name that epitomizes pure silliness.

Mr. Stinky Feet. And not just Stinky Feet. It’s Mister Stinky Feet, thank you very much. Go ahead and laugh. His stage name is funny.

Jim Cosgrove’s on-stage persona makes kids dance and giggle. As Mr. Stinky Feet, he delivers high-energy music and parent-approved comedy that has earned him a gold standard reputation that’s taken him to stages throughout North America and Europe and to the White House twice.

He’s an expert at making kids laugh. And, when Jim is not performing for children, he serves as a motivational speaker for grown-ups, helping restore the child-like wonder that provides entrée to the much-needed path to joy.

“As best I can tell, joy is our chief purpose on this planet. But many adults don’t know that joy is a choice,” Jim says. “You can choose it or not choose it, regardless of your circumstances. You can choose joy despite the loss of a job, or the loss of a loved one, or the loss of your youthful figure, or, in my own case, the loss of your hair. It’s not dependent on circumstances, but on the strength of human spirit. Joy is a choice that I recommend making. Sometimes in the middle of life, grown-ups need to take a second look at their world through the eyes of a child—I help make that possible.”



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