Every writer and artist knows that conquering the troll is not easy.
In most areas of life, fear is the absolute biggest barrier between where you are and where you want to be. Fear can literally stop you from living the life you desire.
It’s the same thing in marketing. Metaphorically, the Troll represents all the fears, difficulties, and obstacles that separate you and your fans. The Troll personifies fears that are connected to the marketing of yourself and your work. Fear can hold you back from the success you deserve. For most writers and artists, these fears are some kind of monstrous mix about who you really are, who you think you should be, what you need to say about your work, how much valuable time you have to ‘waste’ on marketing, how to overcome shyness or modesty to do social media, and, for many of us, how not to press the wrong button and accidentally share the wrong things with everyone on the Internet. Somehow these common fears transform themselves figuratively into one monstrous troll that keeps you apart from your audience.

Crossing The Troll Bridge is a book about that troll. It was created by two old friends—a nationally known coach and an internationally known artist. Their big idea was to share the realities of the creative profession in an effort that might help creative people find a better and more enjoyable way to market themselves and their creative works. The project took three years for them to complete.

In the book, readers meet fantasy artist Frank Dixon and experience his artwork. When Frank was a kid, his mom read him the classic folktale about three billy goats who needed to cross an important bridge to reach the land of prosperity. The classic story unlocks a powerful lesson for building a successful creative life. Frank explores his concerns about marketing with business coach Robin Blakely, who has guided hundreds of artists through the mysterious space between big idea and marketing success.

Robin says, “Frank Robert Dixon is a true treasure. In the book and in real life, his focus is to give back to other creatives. He shares his deepest fears and his biggest worries openly. He illustrates the path so others can find their way faster. Working on this book with Frank was one of the best experiences of my life.”

The book is an illustrated marketing guide for artists and writers. It provides a big-picture view of the most important parts of building a creative career, which include honoring the creative identity, developing natural talent and skill, and taking solid control of your own professional dreams.
An award-winning artist, art instructor, and author of several art books, Frank Dixon studied art and illustration at Art Center College of Design and received his MFA in fine arts from California State University at Los Angeles. His background ranges from portrait artist on the Queen Mary, to award winning graphic designer/ illustrator for NASA, to a popular art instructor in Southern California. Most of Dixon’s paintings are created using watercolor and color pencils — sometimes adding glazes of oil paint to unify colors or drop them into shadow.

Robin Blakely is the CEO of Creative Center of America, the author of several business books, and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.


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