Old World Master. High-Tech Twist.


Fairytale Moments by One of the Best Digital Artists on the Globe


Ed Binkley draws almost entirely with a medium-sized Wacom tablet in Photoshop. He has a small array of custom brushes – maybe a dozen that he uses often, but only two that he uses 90% of the time. Ed works digitally but his sketches and finished illustrations look like old world masterpieces—created with tools that seem so high tech and futuristic that they might as well be magic.

But it wasn’t always that way.

Like many artists, Ed got started with ordinary pen and paper. He switched his craft to fully digital about 2005. He says the computerized approach makes him bolder and able to focus even more deeply on the imaginary world he loves.

To Ed and his fans, the stories he imagines are as amazing as the mysterious process he uses to create them. Ed explains: “I write the stories in my mind before capturing the best scene. The story behind the images drives everything I do. It’s always the story that helps me make my decisions about the finer details and subtleties of each drawing.”

Like ‘Anna Stealing the Dragon Child.’ Ed’s extraordinary illustration is so detailed that it deserves a bestselling novel to accompany it.

Ed explains his original inspiration: “I’ve read multiple stories of dragons abducting maidens, and for this drawing I changed the traditional tale. In my story, I imagine a maiden’s younger sister planning a counter-abduction in order to negotiate her sibling’s return. It’s a dangerous business, dragon-stealing…but Anna is a fearless and savvy girl.”

One look tells you his assessment is true…and it also explains why Ed Binkley has been named one of the world’s best digital fantasy artists.


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Fairytale Moments by One of the Best Digital Artists on the Globe.







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