The Psychology Behind True Love


Looking for true love?

If so, then it’s not just any guy you want, but the one who is completely
and totally compatible with you—that dream guy who can
help bring happiness to your life.

How do you find him?

Now, there’s a new scientifically proven way to find true love that
has been developed by Dr. Alexander Avila, renowned love type
psychologist. Dr. Avila explains, “It’s possible for every woman
to find the true love of her life…if she takes steps to ask the right
questions and recognize the compatible type of man who will resonate
with who she is, at the deepest levels of a happy and harmonious

So how does a single woman begin to do all that?

In Dr. Avila’s latest book, GuyTypes, he teaches you to quickly and
efficiently identify your ideal man from four distinct Myers-Briggs
personality types. GuyTypes is devoted to helping women understand
how to clearly identify compatible mates in today’s timecrunched,
mobile society. This modern manual helps you use social
networking tools, as well as offline tips and strategies, in the
new dating innovation known as “personality networking”—an
efficient, yet hassle-free, approach to find lasting love for today’s
on-the-go single.

GuyTypes lays out the love finding game plan in easy-to-follow
steps. First, Dr. Avila focuses on pinpointing your own romantic
style. The next step is defining what your love style actually looks
like in a compatible guy. That’s where GuyTypes shines. Dr. Avila
helps steer you past the superficial surface characteristics that can
derail you from taking the best path toward real love.

Dr. Avila explains: “We all know it’s confusing out there. All types
of guys are great! But this is about you. Your true love is a specific
type of guy who shares, embraces, and adores your most important
personality features. GuyTypes can help you find the longterm
mate who resonates with you in the deepest level of love and

H e r e ’ s   a   s n e a k   p e e k   a t   t h e   f o u r   G u y T y p e s :

Meaning Seeker:
Intuitive and sensitive, and often creative. He will inspire you to achieve your greatness.

Knowledge Seeker:
A brainiac. A problem solver. Insightful. His mind is one of his sexiest traits.

Excitement Seeker:
All about fun, excitement, and adventure. Journey to the mountaintop of pleasure and exploration.

Security Seeker:
Steady, reliable, family orientated—the perfect loving man you can bring home…and keep.


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