The Legends & The Rock Stars: BAKING

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During the Great Depression, a woman whose son suffered from allergies figured out a way to make bread that her boy could eat. She shared her recipe with the world and raised sales of that bread from 100 loaves per week to 1 million loaves per week over the next 25 years. Her story is part of the legacy of a once-small company that is now globally known—Pepperidge Farm.
The American Society of Baking (ASB) knows the incredible stories of the baking brands. As the professional organization for the wholesale baking industry, ASB preserves and builds upon the history and the heritage of the pioneers and innovators behind the brands that have been feeding the country for decades.

“Our members are America’s leading experts in grain-based bakery products,” said Kent Van Amburg, Executive Director of American Society of Baking. “ASB members include commercial baking professionals; food technologists; and engineering, equipment, and ingredient experts who are dedicated to advancing baking and baking science technology.”

The American Society of Baking is also the creative force that produces BakingTECH, the baking industry’s annual technology conference and marketplace exposition. Van Amburg explains: “BakingTECH is the best opportunity for the baking world to come together as a community to share cutting-edge information about the industry, discover new technology opportunities, and collaborate with experts industry-wide.”

Recognized as the industry’s ‘Best Week in Baking,’ BakingTECH is scheduled in Chicago in late February each year and is attended by more than 1000 baking professionals. The conference features lectures and educational workshops from iconic business leaders, top motivational speakers, and industry experts. It also showcases special awards ceremonies to celebrate outstanding innovation and entrepreneurial spirit by those who have reached legendary status in the field and those who are showing rock star potential.

ASB’s Baking Hall of Fame honors the industry’s legends. Awards are given for outstanding achievements in organizational growth and development, equipment design and modernization, advancements in ingredient technology, processing and related services for America’s commercial baking industry. Van Amburg says, “Our Hall of Fame recipients are truly iconic in the industry. The contributions, innovations, and leadership of these people are incredibly inspirational.”

ASB also shines the spotlight on the industry’s up-and-coming rock stars. The ASB Product Development Competition is open to teams of college students nationwide. Finalists compete for $20,000 in scholarships. Van Amburg says, “Our competition is an extraordinary way for the baking industry to discover and help launch the careers of exceptional individuals. It’s education and networking at its best.”

BakingTECH 2017 will be held at the Chicago Hilton on Feb 26- 28, 2017.


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